Protect Me, Please

Protect Me, Please main image
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You must include the following credit every time you use this artwork online or offline: Marek Tartal

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This artwork is part of Artists for Climate - a unique collection of open-license visuals that inspire climate action. A creative collaboration between Fine Acts and TED Countdown. Learn more at

The artist says: "We are surrounded by many issues and problems. But I believe in our future. I believe together we can all make a difference. The time for acting is now. The climate crisis is something we just can’t run from. It’s here, and we need to act, we need to act together. I tried to show all those feelings and thoughts in my work. I am a teacher, and I see everyday, that there is still a chance for a brighter tomorrow, and to be better. We can make all right together, with compassion to all living things, to the environment and to each other."

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