Keep It Cool (And Renewable)

Keep It Cool (And Renewable) main image
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You must include the following credit every time you use this artwork online or offline: Kelsey Overbey

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This artwork is part of Artists for Climate - a unique collection of open-license visuals that inspire climate action. A creative collaboration between Fine Acts and TED Countdown. Learn more at

The artist says: "The message is inspired by the old "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters from WWII. Just as it was important then for humanity to keep it together and focus on the task at hand, so is it now critical to keep our wits about us in order to act on a sustainable future for our planet. The climate crisis can feel so insurmountably huge and terrifying that it can lead to paralyzing stasis and inaction. But, if we can keep our cool and make deliberate lifestyle and legislative changes, then perhaps we will be able to keep our planet cool, too."

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