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Natália Brondani grew up in southern Brazil, drinking mate like any good gaucho. She chose to study Graphic Design because the development of stories and characters has always been a part of her life. Currently, Natália lives in Italy, more precisely in Vicenza, Veneto, and works as a freelance art director and illustrator. She started her career as a 3D generalist and then threw herself headlong into the 2D world. Natália has worked in the 2D animation industry for about 7 years, with clients from the United States and Australia. She has also carried out some projects for publishing clients. Natália had the pleasure of working for Greenpeace and vegan promoters such as author Melanie Joy. She is also committed to climate change, and through some side projects, she tries to get people to go vegan.

It's Just A Switch
It's Just A Switch
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Artist: Natàlia Brondani

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