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Joana Ribeiro, a.k.a Joana Mundana, is a Portuguese artist. Since she was a kid, she had always felt an urge to draw and experiment with art in all its forms. From drawing to photography, ceramics or sewing, acting or dancing, she felt the need to meet with them all, and all of them inspire her and are present in her life. At the age of 17, she headed to Porto to study architecture which only reinforced her urge for making even more. Currently back to her hometown, Caldas da Rainha, a small city with a great tradition in art and ceramics, she has been exploring drawing and illustration. Her personal work is mostly inspired by the mundane, the daily life and the beauty of the common things. “Mundane” in the sense that she tends to explore ideas and metaphors around scenes taken from earthly life. Some are joyful, others are sad. Some are more thoughtful, deeper, others more basic and immediate. Just like life itself.

It Is On Us
It Is On Us
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Artist: Joana Mundana

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