Gabriela Basin



My name is Gabriela Basin and my work is fun and versatile, so it can be used in many different fields, from products to long campaigns, murals, books or press. I always approach my commissions by looking for an idea and transforming it into an image with powerful concepts and fun colors. Besides my illustration and art direction work, I teach workshops as a freelance and give mentorship to other creatives. As a very passionate and committed human, I like working on subjects that speak to me, such as gender equality or climate change, hopefully they speak to you too!. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I’m based in Barcelona, Spain. I count on a very large formation among 3 degrees and with a results-driven mindset I work on my own and have 10 years of experience managing projects from beginning to end in a wide variety of industries every day.

Girls Just Wanna Have Much More Than Fun
Girls Just Wanna Have Much More Than Fun
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Artist: Gabriela Basin

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